Saturday, 28 March 2009

Love In Debate!

So according to Alun Davies, Labour AM and one of the brilliant four behind aneuringlyndwr, the website is:
"an opportunity to create a positive and constructive debate about the future of Wales"
Skipping past the fact that the website doesn't allow comments and the YouTube video moderates comments (good way to create a debate that!) I guess we'd better check out his claim. Is this an attempt to create a debate? Is it positive instead of negative and attacking?

Let's have a look..

- Mentions of "Toff Dave", pics of Cameron in a top hat or calling Tories "chums"= 10

- Words used to describe Tories: juvenile, vacuous, ugly, embarrassment, cronies, nasty, gaffe-prone, disastrous

- Words used to describe Plaidis (hey, it's catching on Eluned!): hopeless, self-serving, arrogant, navel-gazing, brittle, wrong, stalinist, unthinking

- Number of times Labour is mentioned = 3 (none of which mentioned Labour policies, initiatives or actions)

What a wonderfully positive website Alun!

Extra: A wonderful old quote from David Taylor himself, showing how committed he is to promoting positive debate in Welsh politics:

"I hate Liberal Democrats more and more every day.

I used to be slightly sympathetic towards them. I used to think they meant well and that the Tories where the real enemy.

But their recent campaign tactics, materminded by "wizz kid" Lord Rennard means I now hate them just as much as the Tories, which as almost as much as the Nationalists."


  1. David is a liability to Welsh Labour. This surely has been a fatal blow to the credibility to the Party. Nothing more than a totally negative attack site, I feel sorrow and much pity for everyone in that Party.

    Despite Shipton’s assertions that Mister Taylor is a feared force on the web, I have to tell you that he is far more ridiculed than feared and that the only fear anyone has about David is his potential to harm the Party he claims to love.

    His Hate remarks against Plaid, the Tories and Libs go way beyond reasonable comment and seem to generalise in a grossly large way.

    His involvement with attack blogs in the past ought to have instantly struck him out of the running to be overtly involved in any Party Website.

    This has been a sad weekend for Labour and I am going to be considering my options very carefully before putting my cross next to Labour, which I have done in the past, when this is the calibre of debate and people they allow to surface.

    A true shame.

  2. terrific. That's what we need: humour, mischief and a basic ability to write. now start blogging again! Now!
    Kairdiff west kid

  3. Peter Hain wants us to lose the G Election. This cannot have been a mistake.

    Things in Wales are going to go bang, with local councils having to make massive cuts over the next two years.

    How much easier it will be to blame the nasty Tories who will be the paymasters come the next Assembly election.

    Well done David Taylor, you have been used by Hain to help us lose the Election.

    You've done a good job of it though! Congrats.

    You must have trouble coming to terms with what a loser you are.