Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I can't believe it - the Hen Ferchetan is gutted! I didn't realise on the first reading of Aneuringlyndwr's retraction of the Delilah video but when I read it again it became so obvious!

Aneurin has cut out my very favorite part of the song! Remember the beautiful sentence:
"we need to stop them making the people more poor"?
This is what I had to say about it previously:
"The highlight of the lyrics for me! Ever heard of the word "poorer" Eluned? It means "more poor" but is, well, grammatically correct! Ah but you needed something to rhyme with "more" right? And clearly "poorer" doesn't rhyme with "more", but "poor" does, doesn't it?"
The transcript of the song Aneurin has so helpfully put up on his website (no copyright issues in just putting up the transcript see!) has a different sentence though! It now reads:
"we need to stop them making the people poor"
That just takes away the fun! The original, grammatically stupid, version was much better! Of course the new version has lost a word and therefore doesn't fit the music at all (and still doesn't rhyme with "more"!), but Aneurin doesn't have to care about that because he isn't allowed to sing it out loud anymore!

Don't worry though, I've preserved the original for you - such poetic brilliance needs to be saved for the appraisal of history!


  1. Thank you for the valuable work you are doing keeping an archive of Welsh political idiocy for future generations.
    You should apply for a grant - though you'll need a lot of staff. If NuLab in Wales continue to spout the amount of easily parodied horseshit at the rate they're doing now, you'll need an office full of computer-trained satirists just to keep up with them.
    But you're doing a sterling job solo for now. Keep going.
    Kairdiff west Kid

  2. Struggling musician1 April 2009 at 01:41

    I wonder if they have the permission from The Performing Rights Society to plagiarise the intellectual property that belongs to Messrs. Reed and Mason, the writers.

    I see a writ in the distance.