Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Bye Bye Bye Labi

So after a grand total of four days Eluned's masterpiece has been taken down. The video is no longer on YouTube - how sad!

Why Why Why I hear you ask? (OK, must stop with these Delilah lines now!). Well according to Aneuringlyndwr it's because "some Nats and Tories had complained". Makes it sound like Peter Hain and his friends had received bags of mail from Plaidis (it WILL catch on, let's do it for Eluned!) and Tories crying and begging the video to be taken down. As we all know though that's not what's happened - any tears streaming down the face of the Conservatives and Pleidwyr have been tears of laughter.

No, the video has been taken down for two reasons. Firstly Aneurin and Peter Hain did receive a lot of complaints and demands that it be taken down - not from their political opponents but from Labour members horrified at the embarrassment caused to their party. More importantly perhaps was the fact that the video used copyrighted material that Labour hadn't obtained permission for - i.e. copyright theft!

It's an interesting case because the vast majority of viral videos use copyrighted material without permission. These are the videos made by regular people which spread around the world. I remember one with Bush and Blair singing love songs to each other a few years back as a good example. But the reason this video has suffered for the crime many others commit is that, as much as Labour originally tried to deny it, this was a video made by them - i.e. an official body, a political party even. While mere bloggers and geeks can get away with the odd copyrighted image or song, official bodies should have a bit of common sense and know better - but then we are talking about Welsh Labour aren't we!

Now if Plaid Cymru and the Tories had any sense they will apply for permission to use the copyright of the song and images so that they can broadcast the video over and over! Don't worry though, where Labour fails, Welsh bloggers deliver - the video can still be seen here

Anytime the world gets you down - go have a look at the video, it will improve your mood tenfold!

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  1. Hey, this is what the pisspoor Labour site actually says, can you believe it? :

    "We have removed our Why, Why, Why? video from YouTube after we were informed that some Nats and Tories had complained.

    It's a real shame that these sensitive souls are so easily offended, and find criticism so hard to take!"

    What? Offended? Nous? Bloody hell man, we're begging you to keep it up so we can laugh at you - each time it was viewed you scored an own goal, you comical plonkers.

    Please David, Peter and Leighton, please: bring it back. Go on.
    Oh, and by the way, allow comments at the bottom of your s(h)ite, so we can all express how much we loved it and you can see what a roaring success it's been!
    Go on boys, dare you... what's wrong with a bit of debate, since "debate" is what your site claims to want? Debate with no comments allowed? That's NuLab all over.

    I have another idea for you: start a band: "Liver Salts" Andrews and the DTs. Got a ring to it, no?