Monday, 30 March 2009

Mr Defence Bores Us All Over Again

Paul Flynn has a historical habit of going to bizarre lengths to defend Peter Hain. During Peter Hain's illegal failure to register £100,000 of donations Paul Flynn was one of the only people in the country defending the then cabinet minister. And, shock horror, he's at it again.

Apparently the cringworthy embarrassment of aneuringlyndwr and the video was not a stunning gaffe by Peter and his friends but a wonderful bit of PR. The video apparently was a "loss-leader" with Labour taking the hit of embarrassment to get more people to look at their video...

Hm...really? I could just about nearly believe such nonsense if the website was of any use to Labour - but it's not, it's just as bad as the video. As I mentioned before it has no mention of Labour, no mention of Labour's policies, no mention of Labour politicians, no mention of Labour ideology. All it has is hypocritic attacks on the Tories and Plaid (more hypocricies coming soon!), and they are presented in such an immature way they pander only to the die-hard Labour voter. I doubt a single swing voter will turn Labour's way because of it.

On the other hand I can see, and have spoken to, many swing voters turning away from Labour because of it. Now as we all know the general public don't pay much (any?) attention to the world of Welsh political blogging, so even a website as laughable as this would have little effect if pretty much no-one saw it. But thankfully the press, the Tories and Plaid have had a field day highlighting it to make sure as many people as possible get a look.

So when Paul smugly tells us that
"The new Aneurin Glyndwr website is off to a triumphant start with 9,000 hits in the first day."
he is trying to convince us that it's a good thing for Labour. Firstly Paul I can assure you that about 2,000 of those hits are from me (everytime I feel a bit down I pop over for a little pick me up!), secondly the other 7,000 are now having a right old laugh, and it's at Labour's expense.


  1. The problem with Paul's idea is that he claims the fact that its a porr videa is ok as it will direct people to the site. As the site only talks about plaid and the tories effectivly the poor video is aimed at raising the profiel of plaid and tory politicians, even if in a negative way. Hardly good for Labour is it. This has been a total PR disaster. W

  2. Start using Twitter as well!

  3. This is a great way to stimulate debate through new media outlets and to increase awareness and participation amongst young people.

  4. The BNP website (and no comparisons intended in terms of content) has probably the most hits of any UK political site, not by supporters but by anti-fascists keeping tabs on them.
    Quantity is not always a sign of quality Mr Flynn.