Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Liar Liars

Hmm.....the more one ponders Rhodri's denunciation the more questions it raises.

Is Rhodri telling us that the website is lying in saying that he and Paul Murphy endorsed it? If so then are we to assume that Peter Hain, Eluned Morgan, Alun Davies and David Taylor will admit to this lie or is Rhodri just hoping that we won't ask that question?

On the other hand did Rhodri, as I suggested in the previous post, give his approval to this nonsense without checking what it actually was? In that case is the First Minister lying to us by saying he didn't recommend it?

I'm struggling to find a way out of this without believing that Rhodri is lying to us or the motley crew have lied to us - any suggestions?


  1. Out on a limb here, but I'd trust Rhodders over DT any day...

  2. Rhodri has obviously agreed to something that he had not seen beforehand. He probably trusted a colleague which out of the three who have put their name to it, is likely to have been Eluned.
    Unfortunately, no-one told him that Taylor was involved as I very much doubt he would have gone within a million miles of it if he had known the true editor. Rhodri is not a liar.

    Of more concern to me is that three of Labour's most prominent pro-Parliamtarians (for Wales) are involved. If this is the best they can come up with, how on earth are we going to win a 'yes' vote in a referendum?

  3. Taylor's site is just a re-run of the negative stuff churned out by him previously, which is largely ignored by media and bloggers alike. As with all his other efforts, it will die away. He is already struggling to come up with new ideas and after the embarrassment he has caused with his latest launch, which respectable Labour politician would go near him?
    Well, there is always Don Touhig!

  4. Anon - if you read my previous post I agree with what you say - my guess is that he gave permission for his endorsement to appear because one of the motley crew asked.

    Rhodri is a liar though, just probably not on this matter!