Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Nobody Likes Me And I Don't Care

I considered making a lengthy comment on David Taylor's employer Leighton Andrews' self-indulgent outburst today, but thought that there was nothing I could add that would make his post more laughable than it already is so I decided to just quote it in full - enjoy!

Since becoming a Minister nearly 2 years ago, I have pretty much stopped reading Welsh blogs - even Glyn's, which I used to enjoy for the wit, independence and honesty. There simply isn't time.

And, let's face it, none of them matter. Most of the Welsh blogs talk to or about themselves. Particularly the ones written by Nats, which means - er - most of them.

The hundreds of daily referrals to my own weblog rarely come from other Welsh blogs. Occasionally there are some from Peter Black's or from Glyn's. But over the last 24 hours, for example, there have been more referrals from Norman Geras's blog than all Welsh blogs put together.

But most visitors to my site come because they have gone through a search engine, looking for my site or for something about the Rhondda. Occasionally because they share my frustrations about Windows Vista and have found this post, or because they looking up anything on the last episode of the Sopranos and have found this post, or they are fellow City fans.

I look at blogs and websites written by Labour colleagues when I have time, and sometimes at Vaughan's blog and those by other journalists I have time for, and atAdam Higgitt's site very occasionally.

So, here's a message to Welsh Labour bloggers. Most of the Welsh blogs around don't matter in the slightest. None has ever influenced a voter or made a difference to politics. So, don't bother with them. Concentrate on building a strong Welsh Labour presence on the web, which speaks to the future and to real people, that sets out a debate about where our party is going and what it is doing in government at UK and Welsh levels, and sets out our dividing lines with the other parties.

In particular, ignore the nasty, bitchy, irrelevant world of the self-opinionated nat bloggers.

(As opposed to the nasty, bitchy and irrelevant Leighton Andrews and Aneurin Glyndwr.)

By the way Leighton, the reason no-one's coming to your blog from other Welsh blog is that no-one's linking to you. Go figure.

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