Sunday, 29 March 2009

Money Money Money

But then he (Bourne) did spend over £5000 of tax payers money on 'essential work' to his bathroom.
But the Plaid spokesmen for all and sundry repaid £1,500 to the House of Commons after sending out post that broke parliamentary rules.

Aneuringlyndwr - March 2009
Good start, dodgy and improper use of expenses! Bad Bourne with his bathroom and iPod and bad Plaid MP's with their (originally approved) use of expenses to advertise during election times.

Thank God we have Labour eh, they would never waste our public money with dodgy expenses would they!

Labour's Brian Gibbons AM - didn't want to spend his own cash on a Remembrance Sunday wreath so claimed our money instead (bet he nicks the pennies from the Penny In Penny Out boxes in petrol stations too!)

Labour's Jaqui Smith, Home Secretary - claimed for two pornographic films watched by her husband

Labour's Lesley Griffiths AM- £2,000 on a sofa (didn't she know DFS had a sale on?)

Labour's Margaret Moran MP claiming nearly £90,000 in expenses while a fellow MP living on the same street in Luton has claimed less than £9,000

Labour's Lynne Neagle AM - Couldn't bare parting with £2 for a Pyrex bowl so decided to use our cash - same as she did for her £4 salt and pepper shake and her £400 curtains and her £317.57 book shelves (Never heard of Ikea love?)

Labour's Tony McNulty MP - £60k to pay for his parents' house

Labour's Huw Lewis and Lynne Neagle AM's - £22,298 including mortgage for a second home - now where exactly is their first home? I'm sure it's miles and miles from Cardiff right?

Labour's Jaqui Smith, Home Secretary - £116,000 for her "second home" in the West Midlands, claiming that her "first home" was her sister's property in London

Labour's Leighton Andrews AM - charging us to pay for his second home in the Rhondda - although he already lived in Cardiff before he even got elected

Now, what's that saying about glass houses?

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