Saturday, 28 March 2009

Mr Taylor I Presume?

So Eluned Morgan tells us that "a student" is behind Aneurin Glyndwr, while Mr Permatan himself calls the mysterious creators an exiting young team.

Really? Come on now! As small as the Welsh blogosphere is there's two things everyone here knows:

1. There are very few Labour bloggers around
2. There is no-one in Welsh politics able to run a proper "non-serious" website
3. Any blog with Labour's name all over it which attacks the Tories and Plaid over and over is probably ran by a Labour researcher working for some AM, let's hypothetically say Leighton Andrews!

It doesn't take a genius to confirm who the "brains" behind this project is. The site is hosted on the Typepress account of someone called "DT" - ringing a few bells?

Not quite sure yet? Have a look at the Whois database. This is the public database of who owns what Domain name (i.e. those things what start with www and end in .com or whatever!) (along with .org and were registered on January 26th to.............David Taylor (wow, didn't see that one coming did you!). .com and .net were also registered on the same day but no name was given for the person behind them (who could it be!). One of the domain names even gives Mr Taylor's address, just in case you thought it might be another person with the same name!

Just in case you don't know, David Taylor is employed by Labour as a researcher to Leighton Andrews AM. Although the Western Mail tells us that his Internet skills is feared in some quarters you don't need to be too concerned, as far as I know he's never done anything to scare anyone. To be honest I'm not sure where he gained this reputation - you see many many people believed that he was behind the despicable Natwatch website which got two people sacked. But Mr Taylor promises that wasn't him, and is rumoured to have even threatened to sue anyone who dares suggest it was. As a lady of honour I shall take the man at his word, after all why would he lie?

In today's Western Mail Mr Taylor admits that he is the genius behind Aneuringlyndwr. He says "Peter Hain is a huge political figure in Wales, so it was an honour to be asked to work with him on this project."

So there we go, David Taylor created the website on the request of Peter Hain - mystery solved! No students, no young exiting team, just the New Labour media machine at it again. But wait a sec, this raises quite a few new questions does it not....

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