Saturday, 28 March 2009


Hello one and all. When I put Amlwch to Magor on hold while my life took a few twists and turns I hoped that I could keep in touch with the world of Welsh politics and the Welsh blogs. I have to admit I haven't down too good a job of either! But my timing could not be better, a day or so after coming back home to my Green Green Grass of Home (hey look, I can use Tom Jones' songs too!) to see the family and friends for a while I get told of a wonderful new addition to our small, small world!

Aneurin Glyndwr - either a grassroots led Labour-supporting website or Natwatch mark 2 depending on who you believe. I was so very tempted to resurrect Amlwch to Magor for a special post but decided to let the old blog sleep for a while longer. But I still wanted to laugh at poor old Aneurin, especially since it was backed by my best friend in the whole world Mr Permatan!

So here goes, let's try and find every gaffe, lie and amateur hour tactics of this splendid website!


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