Wednesday, 1 April 2009

In a Parallel World

Former Welsh Minister John Redwood has shocked the Cardiff Bay political bubble today with the announcement that he intends to stand in the next Welsh Assembly elections. Mr Redwood will run as an Independent candidate in Ceredigion. Explaining the reasoning behind this shock return to politics Mr Redwood stated:
"To be honest I thought that my career was over, especially in Wales. After being hounded for handing back £100m to Westminster and being ridiculed for my attempts to sing the National Anthem I thought that the whole country was laughing at me. But my political agent has convinced me otherwise. According to my agent the fact that the video of me singing the anthem has 45,000 hits just goes to show how popular I am. He says that each and everyone of those 45,000 people are guaranteed to vote for me now. I'm not an expert on these technological things but according to my agent if 45,000 look at a video of me embarrassing myself then this means that I'm popular. Labour have fallen right into the trap of mentioning me over and over and now I am on course to be the next Welsh First Minister"
Anyone willing and able to assist Mr Redwood's campaign should contact his agent: Mr Paul Flynn MP, Newport

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