Thursday, 2 April 2009

Selective Hearing

Latest Aneurin post:

Internal Plaid poll

SAYS "Labour's vote in Wales is holding up surprisingly well".


Also says Plaid gain more than Labour - Doh!


  1. If Labour are doing well, and Plaid too, it shows that One Wales is working well. I'm glad about that - why is it getting Labour so defensive?

    Aneurin Glyndwr is ridiculous - attacking everyone but not actually discussing any policy... I'm glad to say that Plaid are actually discussing ideas, rather than mad dog issues.

  2. Er, since when was it an "internal" poll anyway?

  3. What the poll notes is that where Labour are in coalition with plaid at the assembly they are doing ok (but not as high up as plaid in gains). Where they are on their own they are expected to lose votes, where as plaid are gaining. Also as simon points out this is a poll commissioned by plaid not an internal poll. Can they not even get the basic principals right!

  4. If Labour manage to off-load Taylor, I will be proposing at the Plaid Conference today that we employ him to continue working for Labour.

    He's a fantastic recruiting tool for Plaid and has done more than most to build a bridge for dis-illusioned Labour supporters.

    Bless you Mr Taylor.

  5. I have just come back from the first day of the Plaid conference and can confirm that there was in fact no Civil War, a far bigger attendance than expected and a professional approach that is in marked contrast to the Aneurin Glyndwr site.
    I can also confirm that membership is still going up and tomorrow is expected to be the best attended Spring Conference day on record.

    I blame Mr Taylor. What a marvellous boost to Plaid he is-bless his cotton socks.

  6. Ian, sounds like you're a bit obsessed with "Mr Taylor"