Friday, 3 April 2009

Top Stories

Aneurin goes from deluded to certifiable today - attacking Plaid's conference for not being the top story on the BBC Wales Politics page he seems to believe that his website and labour "dominates the news agenda".

Position of top Plaid related story - 2nd
Position of top Tory related story - 5th
Position of top One Wales government related story - 6th
Position of top Labour related story - um....well.......oh no wait, I just found it, skip past the headlines and the Top Stories section and go all the way below the fold to the "More politics" section - there's two stories there about Rhodri Morgan lying to try and distance himself and the Labour party from Aneurin!


  1. what best is the fact its the top and second story! lol

  2. Oh Mr. Taylor, now you are spoiling us!

    No civil war, the best supported Spring conference ever for Plaid, a great speech from IWJ and the party membership growing.
    Then, we probably have the most IT friendly political party set-up in the UK-with a fraction of the other party's finances.
    Finally, we are not resting on our laurels and have several new organisational ideas that we will be rolling out before the Autumn conference.

    Never mind.
    At least you have Aneurin Glyndwr.............